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In the  first novel in the Swamp Yankee Mystery series, Julius Haddock, the former chief of police in Little Penwick, Rhode Island, was in jail.  Thanks to a corrupt Attorney General and a couple of bent judges.

Now he's out. Free. And bent on revenge. One at a time.

But in the meantime, Julius takes up an old cold case from the department's files: Donna Dixon, a seventeen year old girl was murdered on her way to her summer job in 1991. 

There were no clues, no evidence left behind. But in digging through this old case, Julius Haddock begins to uncover secrets... some which have been buried for thirty years, and some which are brand new.

It's another page-turning mystery from the creative mind of award-winning novelist James Y. Bartlett.

Bartlett manipulates the English language, so every word possesses feeling. With prose that is plain-spoken yet polished, he writes with a modesty that is skillful yet entirely approachable.


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The series launch ...

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Book 1 in the series

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James Y. Bartlett, the award-winning author of the Hacker Golf Mystery Series, the epic historical novel Year of the Sheep and many more, is proud to announce the launch of a new series, the Swamp Yankee Mysteries.

These small-town cop adventures are set in the fictional village of Little Penwick, Rhode Island, the smallest town in the smallest state, and the alternating protagonists are Chief of Police Gus Haddock and his father, the former police chief and now private eye Julius Haddock.

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The Hacker Golf Mysteries

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The Hacker Golf Mysteries will take you inside the ropes and behind the scenes as golf writer Pete Hacker covers the PGA Tour and the major championships ... and seems to run into a murder mystery he needs to solve before the Back Nine on Sunday!

If you love golf and a good mystery story, this series is like knocking one right down the middle of the fairway!

Bartlett is adept at bringing readers inside the ropes and golf fans will eat up all the ‘inside stuff’ that goes on.The author is equally skilled at crafting a page-turning story, peopled with vibrant characters.

---Golf Today

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An Epic Historical Novel

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Defending hearth and home

A sad era in Scottish history, the Highland Clearances began at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Scottish clan chiefs suddenly found themselves turned into landlords who needed to find new income to support their urban lifestyles.

In this epic historical novel, author James Y. Bartlett has created a story that links several actual events spanning more than 50 years.

In telling this story, he has created brilliant characters, narrative tension and indigenous folklore from several cultures. The result is a stunning novel of depth that tells the story of a dark chapter in Scotland's long history.

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The Swamp Yankee Mysteries

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Small town, small state

The Swamp Yankee Mysteries will take you to the smallest town in the smallest state, where the chief of police (and his father, the former chief of police) face new mysteries and challenges as they try to keep their towns safe.

Brilliant writing from award-winning author James Y. Bartlett brings the characters and the place to life in a fascinating and enjoyable new mystery series.