The smallest town in the smallest state has some BIG problems!


Gus Haddock has just been appointed chief of police in the town of Little Penwick, RI, replacing his father, who is now in jail.  The state’s Attorney General, who sent the elder Haddock away, has appointed a new Special Master to keep tabs on Gus’ department.  And Chief Haddock’s three tours with the U.S. Army Rangers in the Middle East has left him with a touch of PTSD.

But Gus starts investigating the unusual circumstances regarding the disappearance of the patriarch of the town’s bad-seed local crime family—the case that inspired the Attorney General to send his Dad away.  And then SHE walks in.

The Glitter Girl.  Young, drop-dead gorgeous and apparently deeply involved in the case. Who is she? Why is she living in Little Penwick?  How does she fit into the web of intrigue that links the town, the AG, the Providence Mob and everything else?

Gus Haddock has his hands full. But he’s a Swamp Yankee … the salt-of-the-earth natives who have been carving a living out of the rocky land and dangerous seas in this part of New England for four hundred years … and if anybody can figure out what’s going on, he can.

Glitter Girl - A Swamp Yankee Mystery