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Just released!

Award-winning author James Y. Bartlett is back with another page-turning action/adventure mystery, starring the Swamp Yankee characters of rural Rhode Island.

In RAINBOW'S END, the 'Glitter Girl' (Book 1) is back in Little Penwick--the smallest town in the smallest state and she's causing trouble, as usual.

Chief of Police Gus Haddock has his hands full, personal and professional, as he tries to figure out the Glitter Girl's next moves.

This is Book 3 in the Swamp Yankee series. Look for Book 4, to be published in early 2023. And don't forget Rum Row, the exciting novella prequel, set on a dark stormy night in 1924!

Rum Row Cover.jpg

It’s 1924 and Rhode Island is Dry. And hating it.

Prohibition was never popular in the state that refused to ratify the 18th Amendment banning the sale and use of alcoholic beverages. As the Ocean State, lots of Rhode Islanders found work as rum runners. Especially shuttles out to ‘Rum Row,’ a flotilla of boats loaded with booze sitting at anchor in international waters, just outside the three-mile boundary limit.

John Edward Haddock is a merchant mariner in the town of Little Penwick who is offered a cool grand to take the Black Duck, the fastest motor vessel in Narragansett Bay, out to Rum Row just before New Year’s Eve. The Duck, upgraded with surplus WWI aircraft engines, is even faster than the Coast Guard cutters patrolling the coastline.

John Edward knows it’s wrong, and he’s loathe to get involved with the criminal element, like Boston’s notorious Charles ‘King’ Solomon … but he could use the money. To start building the house of his dreams, and to propose to the girl of his dreams: Vollie Jeffords.

Rum Row is the novella that tells the story of that dramatic nighttime voyage. And it’s a prequel to the Swamp Yankee Mystery series by award-winning author James Y. Bartlett.


The Hacker Golf Mystery Series will be EXCLUSIVELY available
on Amazon


Effective soon, all books in the Hacker Golf Mystery series will be sold EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon.

Independent publishers always have a decision to make regarding Amazon. Do we make our books exclusive to that sales platform? Or do we sell "wide," which means through all the other retail booksellers available today, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and Google Play.

Yeoman House Books, the publisher of the Hacker Golf Mystery series has always believed in selling "wide."  Until now.

There are benefits (for us and for you) to making this series EXCLUSIVE to Amazon.

  • We can take advantage of Amazon's promotions and offer deals to our readers not available to "wide" books.

  • All the books in this series will be available to readers enrolled in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.  If you are a member of this service, you can download and read any book in the Hacker series (and about two million other titles) absolutely FREE!  Are you a KU reader? To enroll, go here and sign up. For a nominal monthly fee you get access to FREE book downloads, audio book downloads, magazines to read for free and much more!

We understand that not everyone loves Amazon. But the vast majority of books sold -- and our sales figures agree -- are sold on the Amazon platform. So we've decided to test the waters of exclusivity and see what happens!

For now, we're only moving the Hacker Golf Mystery series to Amazon alone. The Swamp Yankee series and Year of the Sheep will still be sold "wide" wherever great ebooks are sold.

If you have an opinion you wish to share about this decision, please let us know!

The Hacker Golf Mysteries


The Hacker Golf Mysteries will take you inside the ropes and behind the scenes as golf writer Pete Hacker covers the PGA Tour and the major championships ... and seems to run into a murder mystery he needs to solve before the Back Nine on Sunday!

If you love golf and a good mystery story, this series is like knocking one right down the middle of the fairway!

Bartlett is adept at bringing readers inside the ropes and golf fans will eat up all the ‘inside stuff’ that goes on.The author is equally skilled at crafting a page-turning story, peopled with vibrant characters.

---Golf Today

An Epic Historical Novel

YOTS with Medal.jpg

Defending hearth and home

A sad era in Scottish history, the Highland Clearances began at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Scottish clan chiefs suddenly found themselves turned into landlords who needed to find new income to support their urban lifestyles.

In this epic historical novel, author James Y. Bartlett has created a story that links several actual events spanning more than 50 years.

In telling this story, he has created brilliant characters, narrative tension and indigenous folklore from several cultures. The result is a stunning novel of depth that tells the story of a dark chapter in Scotland's long history.

A fusion of the gothic novel and Virginia Woolf, this book delights in storytelling. Something mystical looms in Bartlett’s writing, making it a tale just as enchanting as its folklore. 


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