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Welcome to the website of James Y. Bartlett, an award-winning American author.

He is the author of:

  • The Hacker Golf Mysteries, a wonderful sports fiction series that takes readers inside the ropes and behind the scenes of the PGA Tour with Pete Hacker who covers the Tour and uncovers the murder mysteries that seem to follow him down the fairway.

  • The Swamp Yankee Mysteries, set in the smallest town in the smallest state, in a series of police procedural mysteries featuring the father-son police team of Gus and Julius Haddock.

  • The epic historical novel Year of the Sheep, which tells the story of the Highland Clearances of Scotland from the perspective of the women who fought for hearth and home.

  • And several other fiction and nonfiction titles.

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Small Town

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Small State

BIG Problems

The Swamp Yankee Mysteries are set in the town of Little Penwick, Rhode Island: the smallest town in the smallest state.

These page-turning action adventures and police procedurals focus on the father-son protagonists of Julius and Gus Haddock. Julius is the former chief of police in Little Penwick, now semi-retired and working as a private investigator. Gus took over 'the family business' returning from several tours of duty abroad with the Army Rangers to take over as chief from his Dad.

As the stories unfold, readers will discover the real heroes of these books are the independent, hardscrabble, proud and hardworking people of Little Penwick, the farmers and fishermen, who are collectively known as Swamp Yankees.

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Who knew golf was such a deadly game?

Through most of his career as a journalist, James Y. Bartlett covered the game of golf. His specialty was the lifestyle of golf--travel, equipment, history and personalities.

The Hacker Golf Mystery series was designed to impart Bartlett's deep knowledge and love of the game in an enjoyable series of mysteries set in some of golf's most hallowed places. The Hacker mysteries take readers behind the scenes and inside the ropes of today's professional game.

The protagonist of the series is a golf writer for a major metro newspaper -- Hacker -- who follows the Tour, happens upon a murder and, using his wiles and knowledge of the insiders, helps solve the crime, usually before the last nine on Sunday!

Not since Dan Jenkins' Dead Solid Perfect has there been an author who brings humor and insight into the fictional world of professional golf.


An Epic Historical Novel

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Defending hearth and home

A sad era in Scottish history, the Highland Clearances began at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Scottish clan chiefs suddenly found themselves turned into landlords who needed to find new income to support their urban lifestyles.

In this epic historical novel, author James Y. Bartlett has created a story that links several actual events spanning more than 50 years.

In telling this story, he has created brilliant characters, narrative tension and indigenous folklore from several cultures. The result is a stunning novel of depth that tells the story of a dark chapter in Scotland's long history.

In Memoriam: Susan Alshouse Bartlett

April 29, 1955 - September 5, 2023

She was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest.

--W.H. Auden

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