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The Hacker series

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Box Set of 4 Hackers.


Year of the Sheep

A Novel of the

Highland Clearances

Nobody fights harder for hearth and home than the Scottish woman

Scotland 1805.  Most of the clan chiefs of old had become simple landlords, and they decided it was far too expensive to care for their people as they had for centuries.  And they realized they could realize great profits by renting their land to the sheepherders.

And so they ordered the Clearances...the people must be removed and the sheep men moved in.

But in Sutherlandshire in Scotland's Far North, the clan chief, a woman, discovered that her people, mostly women of the glens and straths, did not want to go.

Year of the Sheep is the epic story, based on actual events, of what happened when the women of Scotland decided to make a stand and defend their homes.


Other books by James Y. Bartlett


A tunnel collapse in Boston's Big Dig project unleashes a storm of crime and political maneuvers in James Y. Bartlett's noirish new thriller.

Bartlett's light-hearted look at his experiences on the bag for some of golf's greatest players ever!  Plus bonus material on all things caddies and caddying.

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Two recent non-fiction books written with the expertise and knowledge from members of the Professional Caddie Association.  Cover links go directly to Amazon.


In the Press

More than simply mysteries, though, the books also are a celebration of golf. About the game's traditions. About its code of behavior.

Romps right along. Bartlett knows how to tell a story.

The Dick Francis of golf.

Providence Journal

Boston Globe




One of the most profilic golf and lifestyle writers of his generation, James Y. Bartlett spent his career as both an editor (Golfweek, Caribbean Travel & Life, Luxury Golf) and freelance writer (Forbes FYI, Hemispheres, Esquire, Departures, Bon Appetit and dozens more).

His first Hacker golf mystery was published in 1991 and now encompasses seven popular inside-the-ropes mysteries. He has written three other novels and a half dozen non-fiction books as well.

Bartlett currently lives and works in Rhode Island.



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