Other Books by James Y. Bartlett

James Y. Bartlett has been writing professionally for more than 40 years. Some of his earliest books are now out of print.  But here are some others that can still be purchased in e-book format.


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A noir thriller, ripped from the headlines

Inside the Big Dig tunnel beneath the streets of Boston, a roof collapse kills an innocent motorist and suddenly questions are being asked: Was the construction shoddy? Did the unions cut corners? Were Boston’s politicians all paid off to look the other way?

Tom Pyle, owner of the huge construction firm that built the tunnel, knows he’s in trouble. So he hires a rough-and-tumble, no-nonsense manager in Jack Dunne to come in and try to save the company.

The threads Dunne begins to pull all seem to lead right back to Pyle’s own exclusive Cape Cod oceanfront neighborhood, a place called Serpent Point. Living there, in gated luxury, are several who had some kind of role in the Big Dig project: the famous senator gearing up for his own presidential run; a wealthy retired musician and impresario with strange tastes; and the head of one of New England’s most powerful crime families whose main concern is keeping tabs on his own sixteen-year-old daughter. And is Dunne trying to save the company, or take it over for himself?

Author James Y. Bartlett, writing as 'Caleb Clarke' has created a story for our time, and it’s located on Serpent Point.


What are the top pros really like, up close and personal?

Award-winning golf writer James Y. Bartlett spent most of his distinguished career covering the greats of golf from outside the ropes. But on five occasions, he got up-close and personal carrying the bags of some of golf's greatest names: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els, Ben Crenshaw and Corey Pavin.

This special edition e-book from Yeoman House Books tells the stories of those on-course adventures, along with some bonus material on the history and lore of the golf caddie.  Don’t miss the story about Donald Trump who, after arguing with his caddie, made the shot of a lifetime at the AT&T National Pro-Am.


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Want to play better golf?
Find your inner caddie

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Working with members of the Professional Caddies Association of the U.S., longtime golf writer and editor James Y. Bartlett and others compiled two of the most useful golf instructional books ever published.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with a caddie knows what it is like to have a teammate out on the course...someone who can provide strategic advice, read those tricky putts, put the right club in your hands and help you forget those occasional bad shots to get ready for the next one.

Golf is as much about strategy and thinking one's way around a course as it is making shots. These two books, published by Sellers Publishing and available from major online booksellers, will save strokes, help every golfer negotiate tough conditions and add to every golfer's enjoyment.


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