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This was a very good detective / mystery book. Because of the location, it reminded me a little of the "Trouble in Paradise" series by Robert Parker. The protagonist ("Gus" the new police chief) was a well-developed character, sort of in the mold of Travis McGee and Jesse Stone.

GreggTex/Amazon verified purchase/2023

Excellent introduction for me to Gus Haddock. A level-headed investigator, who is enjoyable to follow.

Susan Green/Amazon verified purchase/2022

This book didn’t bring Travis McGee to mind, but it’s a great start to a similar series I will follow & enjoy to the end.
Well done!

Amazing Grace/2023

Enjoyable read, particularly for fans of mystery novels that delve into the human element of crime-solving. James Y. Bartlett has crafted a novel that is not only a suspenseful mystery but also a nuanced exploration of the challenges and complexities facing a small-town police chief. It sets a promising tone for the rest of the Swamp Yankee Mystery series.

S. Caldwell Gerald/2023

I think Mr. Bartlett handled the process of delving into a cold case very well. He didn't have his main character comes in like some expert making everybody else look incompetent. He investigate the case as a licensed private investigator and followed the evidence. Did he get a bit of a step up because he was the former chief of police and his son is the current chief? You'll have to read the story to find out.

Teresa Collins/2022

This is a great murder mystery. Julius Haddock the former chief of police in Little Penwick, Rhode Island who has just received a PI license and has nothing else to do in his retirement decides to investigate a 30 year old murder mystery. … There are lots of quirky characters and many surprises. This is a thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery. I received an advanced reader copy provided I give an honest review.


Julius is out of jail and a PI. This is a very riveting story which kept my attention so that I couldn’t put it down once I started it. The characters were interesting and the story engrossing. I received an ARC and this is my honest opinion.

Mary Nickell/2022

Interesting, well written story that left you with a great feeling.

Joyce Davis/2023

Without giving the story away, let's just say that it was a dark and stormy night and John Edward was a keen observer of men and weather. I enjoyed this short book!


This prequel to the Swamp Yankee series is another entertaining read from James Y. Bartlett. When I read his books, I always have the sense that I am in a bar, restaurant or, in this instance, on a dock listening to a great storyteller.


He is a fun read. Very entertaining for golfers to read. I wish there were more to read of his.

Amazon Customer/2019

A fun, exciting read!

Tommy G/Amazon Verified Purchase/2024

So much fun to read. Hacker is a hero a la DeMille’s Corey. Great dialogue, beautiful background set in the world of golf. Perfect for both mystery lovers and golfers.


Gives interesting inside-golf narrative along with a likeable protagonist. Makes for a good series, worth following. Realistic dialog, realistic settings.

Amazon Customer/2013

I enjoyed the gripping storyline, which left me unable to stop reading and I finished it in two days.  Can't wait for the next one!


A really fun mixture of mystery and golf. He does a great job of weaving the two together into an enjoyable read

Amazon Customer/2019

Gives interesting inside-golf narrative along with a likeable protagonist. Makes for a good series, worth following. Realistic dialog, realistic settings.

Amazon Customer/2013

I like golf, but am only a casual fan and Death in a Green Jacket had the right balance of inside-golf stuff and the elements of a more traditional mystery. I very much enjoyed the author's portrayal of the tension between the gritty town of Augusta and its somewhat misplaced monument to wealth and privilege, the Augusta National Golf Club.

The mystery aspect of the book is pretty good--and that's rather high praise from me. I've been reading mysteries closely for the last 35 years and don't care for most modern-day ones (too much gratuitous sex, too much violence, annoying characters, idiotic plotting). But this book avoided those traps without being anemic or sanitized. Nice work.

South Austin Girl/2018

Author combines knowledge of Masters with a nice little mystery. Enjoyable characters and quick read.


The buyers for Bartlett's "Hacker" novels are golf nuts (yes, I'm one) who read virtually anything on the subject of golf. This is the fourth in the series and I have read two of his earlier efforts. This is far and away his best so far …Much more and better detail and a weaving of historically accurate information within the fictionalized story.

P.M. Tutini/2007

Great writing from Bartlett.


Great read. Full of suspense, beautiful prose, lots of golf. But the best part of the book by far is the main character, Pete Hacker. Sardonic, wry, a bit ironic but mostly funny. Think DeMille's Corey!




Another winner, I felt like I was back in St. Andrews, playing the Old Course, and walking the town and visiting the pub's. Great story line, I'm off to read another Golf Mystery by Bartlett !

Ron Richards/2018

This is my favorite Hacker novel so far. It's not only a great mystery but also has a romantic twist and a fascinating history of St. Andrews and golf.


I've lived in Scotland and the United States and this book is not only a great detective novel, but it captures the character of Scotland wonderfully. A fun and exciting mystery!


Cool that the author gave hstory of Pebble. Also the characters pulled into the story line are very interesting.


Love this series. If you love great writing, a snarky main character, golf and a good read....this is for you. I can’t decide which is my favorite.


After a long, hard day on the links, you'll love to settle down to a Hacker mystery. It will soothe and excite and leave you wanting more.


James Y. Bartlett has again delivered on this Hacker Golf Mystery. Golf enthusiasts love these books. Seen through the eyes of Hacker, pro golfer turned golf writer turned TV commentator, it paints a detailed look behind the curtain of TV golf coverage, from the building of the infrastructure to the detailed technical requirements to the various commentators, and the control room action. There is lots of interesting golf history, course-building information, and playmaking strategy. But this is not just a book for golfers. It is a murder mystery, with excellent characters, a well-written and cleverly crafted plot, and plenty of action. It has a universal appeal. You will want to go back and pick up the other books in the series.

Judith C. Shaw/2022

The Hacker mysteries are enjoyable reads that evoke storytelling around the clubhouse bar. These are well-written stories with believable life around the tour details and interesting mystery elements.


I love reading mysteries with different settings. The mystery was excellent with a good ending. That being said, far too much of the book detailed the golf game or history. This didn't add much to the mystery. If you are a golf lover then you'd probably enjoy the book. For the non fan, it took away from the unique mystery plot. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Claudia Fitzgerald/2022

Death on a golf course is never a good thing especially if it happens to one of the newscasters during a tournament. Hacker has just recently joined the crew at IBS to create a segment on golf history to be presented during tournament coverage. Being a commentator during tournament coverage wasn’t exactly in his job description but he accepts the challenge after a colleague is killed. He becomes obsessed with finding out who the killer is and bringing that person to justice. There’s plenty of insight into what goes on behind the scenes during a tournament mixed in with the search for the killer. If you’re a golf fan and if you love a good mystery, then this book is for you!
I received an ARC copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

Terri Echols/2022

Bartlett turns golf TV inside out with this laugh-filled, page-turner. Our hero Hacker’s irreverent on-air golf banter will make you laugh out loud. The wise-cracking Hacker is now a TV golf announcer, breaking the mold and solving the murder of his predecessor in the booth. The golf is gripping, the characters vivid, and the back-stage TV intrigue spellbinding.

S. Castle/2020

The characters are very fun and the mystery is well crafted. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. I received an ARC from StoryOrigin and this is my honest opinion.

Mary Nickell/2020

Wonderful mystery! Fast paced, lots of interesting and quirky characters, I loved the story and it kept me turning the pages! A must read!


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